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Mobile steam cleaning / steam wash

What is Steam Wash?


Steam Wash, also known as steam cleaning, is an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional car washes or high-pressure washing. But Steam Wash has even more advantages!


7 advantages to conventional car washing

  1. Whatservicing. Use a high-pressure wash or car washht per vehicle between 100-200 litersand eHowever, for steam cleaning only 3-8 liters of water.

  2. More gentle. No use of chemicals, hard brushes or sponges. Steam is a 100% natural cleaning agent.

  3. Scratch proof. Car wash brushes or sponges often contain small sand, rust or dirt particles that can cause fine scratches on the paint surface. Steam dissolves dirt more effectively than hard high-pressure cleaners.

  4. More environmentally friendly. Conventional washing methods often release millions of liters of contaminated water-oil-dirt mixtures into the groundwater every year. We remove the loosened dirt with extremely soft microfiber cloths. We use up to 15 cloths per vehicle, which we send separately for professional cleaning.

  5. More efficient. Steam reaches every corner, crevice and crevice. In this way, we efficiently remove contamination in hard-to-reach places.

  6. disinfection. Hot steam quickly kills bacteria, viruses, fungi or mites and, unlike disinfectants, takes effectn no surfaces.

  7. mobility. We come to them. Whether to your company, underground car park, parking space or home. Our mobile team prepares your vehicle or vehicle fleet while you relax and pursue your obligations or hobbiescan go.


IMPORTANT: We require mobile vehicle cleaning and preparation Sufficient working space around the vehicle. For packages with polish and sealing, we require a dust-free and weather-protected workplace (Garage, underground car park, hall). We do not prepare vehicles in the pedestrian zone. 

Mobile vehicle preparation

  • Mobile Dampfreinigung + Quick Wax + Innenreinigung

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    2 hr

    From 185 Euro
  • Mobile Dampfreinigung + Politur + Carnaubaversiegelung + Innenreinigun...

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    5 hr 30 min

    From 385 Euro
  • Mobile Dampfreinigung + Politur + Keramikversiegelung + Innenreinigung

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    7 hr 30 min

    From 525 Euro

 travel expenses  


      up to 100 km     €34.00

     up to 200 km     €68.00

     up to 300 km   €102.00

     up to 400 km   €136.00

     up to 500 km   €170.00

     up to 600 km   €204.00

     up to 700 km   €238.00

     away  700 km by arrangement

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